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Arles 2018 – uscito il programma delle mostre

Pubblicato il programma delle mostre per l'edizione 2018 dei Rencontres di Arles

Uscito il programma dell’edizione 2018 per Les Rencontres de la Photographie di Arles (qui il sito ufficiale).

America great again!

Robert Frank – Sidelines*

Raymond Depardon – Usa, 1968-1999

Paul Graham – The Whiteness of the Whale

Taysir Batniji – Gaza to America, Home away from home

Laura Henno – Redemption

Run Comrade, The Old Worlds is Behind You

1968, What a Story! – Barricades Expression Repression

The Train, RKF’s last journey – Paul Fusco, Rein Jelle Terpstra & Philippe Parreno*

Paradise! – From Fos-sur-mer to La Grande Motte: Between dreams and concrete

Christoph Draeger & Heidrun Holzfeind – The Auroville Project

Augmented Humanity

Matthieu Gafsou – H+

Cristina De Middel & Bruno Morais – Midnight at the Crossroads

Jonas Bendiksen – The Last Testament*

The Hobbyist – Looking for Passion

The World as it is

A pillar of smoke – A look at Turkey’s contemporary scene

Olga Kravets, Maria Morina and Oksana Yushko – Grozny, Nine Cities*

Yingguang Guo – The Bliss of Conformity

Platforms of the Visible

Michael Christopher Brown – Yo Soy Fidel

Gregor Sailer – The Potemkine Village*

Christophe Loiseau – Right to the Image

Stylistic Figures

René Burri – The Imaginary Pyramids

Ann Ray – Lee McQueen – The Unfinished*

William Wegman – Being Human

Baptiste  Rabichon – En Ville


Godard & Picasso – Collage(s)

Jane Evelyn Atwood & Joan Colom – Public Space*

New Discovery Award

Sinzo Aanza – Allegory Trial*

Monica Alcazar-Duarte – Ascension

Christto & Andrew – Encrypted Purgatory

Anne Golaz – Raven

Chandan Gomes – People you may know

Thomas Hauser – The Wake of Dust

Ali Mobasser – The Pieces of my Grandfather’s Broken Heart

Wiktoria Wojciechowska – Sparks

Paulien Oltheten – La Défense, the Venturing Gaze

Anton Roland Laub – Mobile Churches


Feng Li – White Night

Aurore Valade – Intimate Revolts*

Lucas Olivet – Kopiec Bonawentura

Valérie Jouve & Vivien Ayroles

Julien Creuzet – Mais Chaud Marlboro